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Application Form

Although this online form is very much easier to fill in than a paper application form, this service should not be used if you are travelling within the next four weeks. If you are travelling within the next two weeks, it will be necessary for you to visit your nearest passport office in person. If you are travelling within the next two to four weeks, it is recommended that you apply using the Check & Send service available at certain selected Post Office® branches. Full details of the best methods of applying can be accessed from our FAQ Page.

Please Note: IPS experience high demand for this service during January to August and it may take us longer than normal to despatch your pre-printed application form. You should allow at least one week for delivery.

Our service is not connected to or affiliated with the Passport Office or any UK Government department. Our service fee (Standard £39.00 / Express £45.00) is payable on completion of the form on this website, but you will not be required to pay the passport application fee until you receive and return the printed copy of your application from IPS. The information on this website may also be available without charge from other sources.

Once we have received your completed form, we will check and process it for you. Within a week or so, you will receive a paper copy, direct from the IPS, which you will need to date, sign and return.

Welcome to the UK Passport Service online passport application service. This is a secure site where you can complete a passport application form online. There are instructions on each screen to help you complete your application correctly.

If you get interrupted, or don't have time to complete the entire process in one go, don't worry - you can just save your entry for later on, and return to complete it at your own convenience.

Once you have completed and submitted your online form, IPS will print it out and post it back to you. You will need to check the details printed on your form, sign it, and send it back to IPS with your photographs, fee and supporting documents. IPS will only begin processing your application once we've received your signed form.

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